Claudio de Oliveira Miranda

Brasília – DF – Brazil
claudio [arroba] claudius [.] com (.) br


  • Experience working on projects from concept to release
  • Large work related to fine tune Java code and configuration for performance
  • 15 years of Java development experience
  • 12 years working as consultant for big companies in Brazil (Financial, Banking and Telco)
  • Preference to work as software engineer, previous roles as architect, developer and appserver administrator
  • Certified Professional for Java, MySQL and JBoss
  • Linux user since 1997
  • Speaker for more than 30 IT conferences (Brazil, USA and Switzerland)
  • Winner of GlassFish Awards Program (2008)

Personal details

  • Very eager to learn and test new trends on software development, java frameworks, language features and VM performance
  • Can learn by myself, just give me some time to read and program
  • Problem solver

Skill Summary

  • Languages and Technologies: Java, Java EE, Java ME, XML, unix shell scripts, SQL, javascript, Python
  • Operating System: Linux, Solaris (mostly as user), Windows
  • Tools: a wide variety of java tools: IDE (eclipse, netbeans), source control (subversion, git, mercurial), unix tools, java tools (jmap, jstack,), memory and threads analyzer,
  • Servers: Tomcat, Jetty, Glassfish, JBoss, LDAP, WebSphere, MySQL, Postgresql, etc.
  • Frameworks: JBoss Seam, Wicket, JSF, Hibernate, Ant, Spring, Maven, Rest, Weld

References, detailed information and code samples available upon request

Open Source Activities

Contributed a JBoss quickstart, about security propagation

Contributed to Wildfly HAL console (published in Wildfly 8)

Contributed to Wildfly – CLI command to display connection information

Added uptime to JVM runtime overview. Changed help text to enable datasource activation.

HAL-512 Display deployment “status” attribute on deployment list

Added attributes to track deployment activation.

Contributed to HAL console, to show deployment activation

statistics-enabled not persisted for webservices subsystem

More activities


Red Hat (Brazil) | April/2010 – today
Position: System Architect

Description: My job is to help customers to achieve success with the use of Java and JBoss technologies. I do this by providing consulting and engineering services on many aspects of software development process. Most of customers are short to medium engagements targeting Java and JBoss best practices for application programming, architecture, application server deployment. Shortly participated in the development (2011) of portal using EPP technology. Also contributes to pre-sales, reviewing, managing and estimate proposals.

Customer: ANBIMA – Brazilian Association of Financial and Capital Markets

Project: Migration from JBoss 4 to JBoss EAP 6

Main Activities

  • Planning whole migration of 40 applications
  • Modified source code to works in JBoss EAP 6
  • Planning, installation and configuration of JBoss EAP 6 in domain mode for 4 environments.
  • Provided consulting support for developers and IT administrators

Customer: Regional Labour Court

Project: Portal Development

Main Activities

  • Delivered portal site to serve as the main entry point for the labour court users
  • Content and navigation structure
  • Version upgrade
  • Content migration
  • Cluster deployment and load balancing
  • Portal look and feel customization (css, javascript, html) and programming
  • Management, searching and indexing
  • Portlet and template development


Customer: Banco do Brasil (Brazil’s Largest Bank)

Project: Corporate Juridical Portal

Main Activities

  • Architect, lead the effort to design, program, test and deliver the project
  • Design and develop key components to provide security and integration with proprietary technologies
  • Designed components as database access layer, API to access proprietary software.
  • Performance tests, analysis, and code refactoring.
  • Troubleshooting workshop, show how to troubleshoot performance issues
  • Used Technologies: JBoss Application Server, Hibernate, JBoss Seam, Linux, Eclipse IDE, IBM DB2, JBoss Portal Server, Maven, TestNG,


Summa Technologies (Brazil)

January/2002 – April/2010
Position: Senior Consultant

Have been working in different projects as: Java Developer, Architect, Technical Leader, Application Server Administrator. Contributed to write technical proposals

Act as technical interviewer to select job candidates

Customer: Cardif (Insurance company – BNP Paribas subsidiary)

Project: Performance Tuning and Technical Review

Main Activities

  • Directly worked with the Latin America team responsible for the software, including development and infrastructure.
  • Responsible to make a code and architecture review of the software solution.
  • Performance analysis and tests, optimized 2 modules, where the response time was improved
  • Performance improvement for one application, before it was 4 tx/s, after optimization 744 tx/s
  • Load test of the application on windows, linux, websphere 6.1 and jboss 5
  • Oracle DB 10g performance report analysis
  • Installation and configuration of WebSphere 6.1 and JBoss 5
  • Elaborated technical manuals of WebSphere deployment, configuration and Java SDK
  • Used Technologies: WebSphere 6.1, JBoss 5, ActiveMQ, Oracle DB 10g, Linux, Windows, Eclipse IDE, Eclipse Memory Analyzer, IBM Memory Analyzer


Customer: University of Fortaleza

Project: Tomcat Migration and Performance Tuning

Main Activities

  • Tomcat 6 – Installation and configuration.
  • Main application with 57 modules, migrated from Tomcat 5 to Tomcat 6.
  • Developed, executed and analyzed load tests with JMeter
  • Used Technologies: JMeter, Tomcat 6, Linux, Eclipse Memory Analyzer, Bash Scripts

Customer: TIVIT (BPO, OutSource, Infrastructure)

Project: Direct Debit Authorization – DDA

Main activities

  • Architect: Responsible to define technologies, design patterns, integration; Discussion with customer about features and risks.
  • Defined the web application architecture with Ajax support, Inversion of Control (Spring IoC), WebSphere MQ integration, Java EE
  • Worked on the homologation and QA tests (infrastructure and bug fix)
  • Developed a feature to monitor WebSphere MQ channels (MQ API)
  • Developed business functionalities for the web application (use-case, bug fix, non functional)
  • Support to development team (best practices, technical questions, bug fix)
  • Support to infrastructure team (WebSphere MQ, WebSphere Application Server, Linux)
  • Interview and review job candidates
  • Elaborated technical guides and documents
  • Lead the creation of a wiki system to manage a collaborative documentation system
  • Used Technologies: Apache Wicket, JBoss, WebSphere Application Server 6.1, WebSphere DB2, Spring Framework, WebSphere MQ, Hibernate, JPA, Linux, Maven, NetBeans, Ivy, Hudson, JSPWiki, Archiva


Past activities (personal and community)


  • Founding member of SouJava – Java User Group Association
  • Infrastructure administrator (website, mailing lists, server machine)
  • Responsible for server’s infrastructure (Solaris, Java Server, Database, monitoring)
  • Contributed to various open source projects on mailing lists and testing early releases: NetBeans, JSPwiki, OpenCMS, Blojsom
  • Localized to portuguese, the opensource blogging software Blojsom
  • Localized to portuguese the Substance Java Look and Feel
  • Contributed 2 demo to showcase some features of NetBeans Swing designer
  • Project author of a Glassfish v3 module to manage certificates.
  • Column author for the first Java Magazine in Brazil – June/2002 to December/2002
  • Search the google for Claudio Miranda Java to see activities I am related to IT industry and discussions



Information Technology Management – Universidade Catolica de Brasilia



  • Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform
  • Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer
  • MySQL Developer I
  • JBoss Application Administrator


Spoken Languages


  • listen: good
  • talk: medium
  • written: good

Portuguese (native)


Speaker at conferences

Speaker at more than 30 IT conferences (including United States and Switzerland), with more than 40 presented sessions, with subjects as open source, programming, Java Micro Edition, Java Enterprise Edition, programming productivity, API, libraries, Tips and performance.

  • Notably conferences as JavaOne (San Francisco 2002), Jazoon (Zurich, 2008), International Free Software Forum (Brazil 2004 and 2007), Summa Clinic (Pittsburgh, 2002)